Home security is a top priority for every homeowner.

Your home is your castle. No-one should be able to easily enter your house unless you authorize them to. Protect yourself and your family – don’t let your home be vulnerable to intruders, stalkers, or any unwanted individuals. You need a reliable home alarm system. Only 17% of US homes have an alarm system – a home without an alarm is 66% more vulnerable to break-ins and burglaries. Your security cameras should give you a view of your entire property – wherever you are. Only people with a key should be able to enter your home. And every lock in your home must be in good working order.

If home security is ever compromised, you must address it immediately. You need a good locksmith service who has the knowledge, experience and equipment to quickly resolve any security issue make your home secure again. Stay vigilant: over 30% of home burglaries are made through an open door or window.

For 20 years, Midway has been providing thousands of customers in metro Los Angeles with security and peace of mind. When you need a competent, qualified locksmith service, call Midway.

  • Experienced locksmith technicians who can open, repair or replace any type of lock.
  • The latest tools to handle everything from simple re-keying to installing safes, alarm systems and security cameras.
  • Emergency service call to quickly replace and re-key a lock.
  • Total upgrade of your home’s security.

Residential Locksmith Services.

Midway provides comprehensive lock and safe solutions to homeowners in Los Angeles:

Home Lockouts:

Locked out and can’t get into your home? One call to Midway and your problems are over. Electronic dispatch gets to you fast. We have the tools to open any lock. And we can make you replacement keys which you can give to neighbors or anyone else you trust so they will have a spare key.

Locks Re-Keyed:

Need to change the lock? Perhaps you or a family member lost a door key: someone may find it and enter your home. Or you evicted a tenant or kicked out your spouse. One call to Midway and your troubles are over: Midway can re-key any lock or change every lock in your house.

Key Cutting/Duplicate Keys

Don’t get locked out because you only have one front door key. We can make you duplicate keys for every member of your family.

Lock Repair – Fix Stubborn Locks

Fix that sticky or stubborn lock today. Midway carries the best locks, bolts and fixtures from the leading manufacturers including Schlage, Yale, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Master Lock, Kwikset, Sentry, Baldwin and American Lock.

Home Safes

Protect your valuables with a home safe. Midway provides and installs home safes from the major manufacturers like Schwab, Fireking, Sentry Safe, and Meilink. We also carry fire-resistant cabinets to protect your personal records.

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

The entry doors into your home need more than a simple lock. You also need a deadbolt on your front and back doors. Midway specializes in installing pick-proof deadbolts to give you that extra level of security.

Master Keys

A homeowner needs a master key that will open every major entry into the home. A property manager needs a master key to gain access into every unit of the building.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

Many homes and businesses are switching to keyless entry systems. That way, you don’t need to remember where your keys are – you just have to remember the entry code.

Screen/Garage Locks.

Locks are not only for doors. Windows must also be secure, as well as your garage door, your front gate, your window screens, and any other entry into your home. Midway knows all about home security and knows how to make your home safe and secure.

Home Security

Beyond locks and safes, home security also involves a good alarm system and surveillance cameras in the right places so you can monitor your entire property from any remote location. Call Midway today for a free evaluation of your home’s security and get some great suggestions on how you can make your family more secure.