Locked out of your car, home, or business? Midway Locksmith provides the fastest emergency lockout services in Los Angeles. Upfront pricing, great equipment, excellent service, polite locksmith technicians.

Emergency Automobile Lockout:

When you find yourself locked out of your car, you need help fast – especially if the motor is running. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the road, one call to Midway and we are on the way. Our qualified locksmith service technicians can open any car in a jiffy – without damaging your car.

If you have lost your car keys, Midway can make you a new one. Whether you need to replace a simple analog key or you need a new high-tech transponder chip key, we have the tools and the technology to make you a replacement key in a hurry.

Emergency Residential Lockout:

Locked out of your home? Don’t try and pick the lock yourself: call Midway and we’ll be there in a heartbeat to open the door and let you in. We can open any lock, without damaging your doors.

Sometimes you need to replace your door locks in a hurry: your spouse has left you and has a full set of keys to your house. Or maybe your purse was stolen, with all your keys – and your home address – inside. Now the thief has your keys and knows where you live. One call to Midway and we can re-key all your locks and give you a set of new keys so no-one else can now enter your home.

If you’ve lost your front door key (or all your keys) Midway can make you a new set of keys in a jiffy.

Emergency Business Lockout:

When you find yourself locked out of your office, factory or store, Midway can get you back inside in a hurry. We will get the door open so you can get in and retrieve your key.

If you have lost your keys, we can make you new ones on the spot.

If you fire an employee who has keys to your business, you must replace the keys right away. Midway can make you a new set of keys.

If you have a safe or filing cabinet that won’t open, Midway is familiar with every type of safe and filing cabinet, and can open your safe or filing cabinet fast.